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If you are reading this you are most likely more than aware that at the current moment I am working on a new project. When I work on a project it becomes my focus so that I can develop the best product I can. When I wrote The Geek Magician’s Cook Book and BREATH I spent all my free time writing, editing, and formatting until I was happy with the final item. This is also the case with my current work; The Stencil Deck. 

The Stencil Deck is going to be the focus of my forthcoming Kickstarter campaign, but it’s a long and arduous process. The reason for this is its unique nature. Instead of just a digital design and sending this for printing I am going beyond this. I have designed each card in the aforementioned manner, but with the intention of cutting each card as a large stencil. I am currently going through the process of cutting each card design, and as I’m sure you can imagine this is no small feat. I will then use these stencils to spray paint each card, and then scan all the paintings for another digital touch up for printing. This will create a realistic stencil-style look for each card and a unique painting. 

As part of my upcoming Kickstarter these paintings will be listed as part of the rewards. This means you will be able to own a unique part of the deck’s development. My aim here is to give to my backers a longer lasting item to show for their funding. 

I have always been interested in stencil art, and used it in a large way to fund my university studies. I had the idea for the deck last year, wanting to build in items that no other deck to my knowledge offers. Capabilities that we will be revealing over time.  It was a push from Alan Rorrison, Ashleigh Goodwin, Nick Taylor, and a few others at Blackpool this year that made me fully set my mind on completing the deck. 

There will be more updates to come and more secrets revealed. Keep an eye out if you want more information, and feel free to contact me if you want to know more. Also check out my Instagram @stencildeck if you want to see more in-depth updates, photos, and videos as we go along.

– Mat Parrott 


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